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[09 May 2005|04:46pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

School is out!!! I am feel so relieved. Vacations kick ass. And I decided on a major. I will be majoring in somthing in the business field. Only a four year degree and there is so many different things one can do. The Miami Heat continue on in the playoffs and they beat Washington 103-86. Three more wins and they advance to the conference championship and after that the Finals. The Heat will beat Washington but after that Im not sure because Detroit or Indiana is next. Oh yea and the new Star Wars movie is coming out May 19th and I am definelty seeing that.

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[02 May 2005|12:56pm]
[ mood | productive ]

The Miami Heat won and they move on in the playoffs. This week is the last week school and that it is time for a relaxing summer vacation. It will be so good and I'm almost there. I got drunk Saturday on the Hypnotq and Hennessy and the next day I did not feel so good. I harldy ever get hungover but I did alot of stupid shit that night and it was hot and I learned that hangovers are from dehydration rather than drinking too much. Me, Peter, and Charles were soo stupid that night. We lifted up a car of someone we didnt like and moved it so that it looked like she parked bad. We walking all around the nieghbor hood being just being loud and stupid. I think we were caught on camera at the pool too but I doubt that we'll get in trouble because we have done that many times in the past and never gotten in trouble. I just want to say thank you to Janine for provding the drinks for the night. Janine is so friggen cool and I just love her so much. Anyways this week is all studying for me and I just took a quick break and I am going to go and do that right now.

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[27 Apr 2005|08:01pm]
The Heat won 104-87 against the Nets and now lead the series 2-0. The Heat need to win 2 more games to move on to the semifinals against either the Chicago Bulls or the Washington Wizards. Playoff basketball is the best!

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CAR TROUBLES AGAIN!!! [26 Apr 2005|02:11pm]
[ mood | productive ]

My car broke down again on Friday. Luckily I was near my house this time. That car is cursed and I feel bad for the soul who decides to buy the car from me. Oh well, such is life. I think we should destroy all cars damnit! Just kidding but even though I have a car and need a car I feel that cars are a neccassary evil, kinda like taxes. Anyways the NBA playoffs have started and Heat started them off with a 116-98 beat down on the New Jersey Nets. The bad thing about the NBA playoffs is that they are so stretched out over a long period of time(about 2 months) that it might take that long to see if the Heat can win the title.(Janine is probably very mad about that right now)
Im sorry janine but I didnt make it up. If it were up to me they would be shorter. Well I got a paper to do on Walt Whitman and his two of his civil war poems. I like some his poems but he did not know how to rhyme real well. But rhyming is not essential for poetry. I did not know though until now that people infer from his writings that he was gay. After reading some of his poems I see why they say that. Anyways the Heat play tonite at 8 so I have to get everything done by them so PEACE!

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[21 Apr 2005|11:18pm]
I found myself torn like muscles torn from bones
Wishing I did not feel so alone
Like Switzerland in World War two, I try to play it cool
and be the voice of reason where there is chaos.
My People! I wish I could guide you to my wonderful place where everyone gets along
Where the color of your skin, your gender, or religion is not an issue
and your trespasses be forgiven
Along the clear blue river of righteousness I wish I continue swimming
until that bright light reaches my eyes.

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[21 Apr 2005|12:58pm]
She feels the time stop
but only for the night.
Everything is calm,
and all of her problems are gone.
Feeling lighter than a feather
She know now she can fly!
She finds her dreams walking with the flowers in the grass
enjoying the rays of the sun at dusk
when the sky turns a pinkish blue,
And as the morning light shines through her room
I see her peaceful smile, and the beautiful glow of her face.

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Some poetry [19 Apr 2005|02:25pm]
This is just another rap song for yall to read along if you feel me

Everyday You know I got to hustle babe
You know I got to hustle babe
Now see every single day we are going through a struggle
Besides writing rhymes Im always searching to be humble
and be thankful for the greener paths I will tread from
and dont ever forget where it is that I came from
Cuz Ive never been dumb and I'd rather ride alone
Drug fiends calling me on my cellular phone
This is fast paced homie serving for the customers homie
People is phony so I only got a couple of homies
And if you are one of those where this is the truth from day to day
you may have your own way of hustling everyday

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[17 Apr 2005|07:58pm]
[ mood | high ]

I spent the weekend at Janine's. Our plans to go to the pool were ruined due to inclimate weather. It wasnt rainy but it was windy and cold. Hada great meal at Ruby Tuesday's which is Janine and I's favorite restaurant. Their salad bar and thier food kicks ass! Watched White Chick's today for the first time and it was hilarious. I will not tell Jessica to see it though Ha ha. I think Jessica knows why(stll hasnt seen Man of Fire).HA HA When you come down for my birthday we all are watching Man on Fire!

Anyways got a busy schedule ahead filled with lots of challenging expiditons that are part of the life of a college student. My goal is to have everything done but done good cuz I need them good grades you feel me! I gots a math test Tuesday and a paper due tuesday and I got other assignments due and AHHHHHH! But I always manage to get them done.
I will end this session with a big quote from the chorous of Jay Z song High off the Life-"I solemly swear to change my approach stop shaving coke and stay away from hos put down the toast cuz I be doing the most. But every time I thought that was that they call me right back. And once again its the life. I dont know why I get so high on get so high on get so high on get so high High off the life."

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[16 Apr 2005|01:46pm]
[ mood | happy ]

My speech on putting Spanish in schools went really well. I said um one time the whole speech and my speech teacher always put that down as my weakness. I cant wait to see my grade Monday. It should be an A. Anyways, I met Randy McMichael tight end from the Miami Dolphins today and he was pretty cool. He was signing autographs at the grand opening of Pinera Bread and I got him to sign a football. I wonder how much I can get from it on Ebay? Anyways, I'll be with Janine Saturday and Sunday. We are going to the pool Sunday and just chilling today.

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[15 Apr 2005|08:10pm]
[ mood | blank ]

I'm watching sports tonight with my bros. Watching the Heat play the Celtics. Right now the Celtics are winning. The Heat lost a good game last night but they should have won and they have been on a losing streak latley. Hopefully that will not continue into the playoffs. The Marlins are losing right now to the Mets. Oh well. I can not wait till this semester is over!!!!!!!!!! Over this summer I want to workout read books and get money. I think I m going to stay in Jupiter Farms in the summer and just be in seclusion from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

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[11 Apr 2005|02:57pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

I am craving one of those frescatta sandwiches from WEndys. Wendy's is my all time favorite fast food restaurant it used to be Burger Kang but not anymroe. Well anyways I got a speech to do Wednesday. I will be talking about how I think Spanish should be taught in every public school from K-12 in the state of Florida. Just some interesting facts for all of yall out there in computer land. The United States is the fourth largest Spanish speaking nation in the world. And guess which state has the most...THats right Florida. I would like to hear some comments from yall aboout my stance. ALlrighty then I must go and search for more things online about my speech topic. Peace!

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[10 Apr 2005|07:53pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I am now apart of the livejournal community. I want to thank my girlfriend Janine for making it look cool. I'm surprised she chose Miami Heat. I think she is starting to like them.HA HA. After today I have a busy weeks ahead of me. Lots of homework. I can not wait till this semester is over. I got all my hard classes out of the way. Need to keep the grades up to keep the scholarship going. I saw Coming America today with Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall. Funny as hell! Allright well I guess Im siging off now and forever. Goodbye. just playing I'll be back for some more ya feel me.

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