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My car broke down again on Friday. Luckily I was near my house this time. That car is cursed and I feel bad for the soul who decides to buy the car from me. Oh well, such is life. I think we should destroy all cars damnit! Just kidding but even though I have a car and need a car I feel that cars are a neccassary evil, kinda like taxes. Anyways the NBA playoffs have started and Heat started them off with a 116-98 beat down on the New Jersey Nets. The bad thing about the NBA playoffs is that they are so stretched out over a long period of time(about 2 months) that it might take that long to see if the Heat can win the title.(Janine is probably very mad about that right now)
Im sorry janine but I didnt make it up. If it were up to me they would be shorter. Well I got a paper to do on Walt Whitman and his two of his civil war poems. I like some his poems but he did not know how to rhyme real well. But rhyming is not essential for poetry. I did not know though until now that people infer from his writings that he was gay. After reading some of his poems I see why they say that. Anyways the Heat play tonite at 8 so I have to get everything done by them so PEACE!
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