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I spent the weekend at Janine's. Our plans to go to the pool were ruined due to inclimate weather. It wasnt rainy but it was windy and cold. Hada great meal at Ruby Tuesday's which is Janine and I's favorite restaurant. Their salad bar and thier food kicks ass! Watched White Chick's today for the first time and it was hilarious. I will not tell Jessica to see it though Ha ha. I think Jessica knows why(stll hasnt seen Man of Fire).HA HA When you come down for my birthday we all are watching Man on Fire!

Anyways got a busy schedule ahead filled with lots of challenging expiditons that are part of the life of a college student. My goal is to have everything done but done good cuz I need them good grades you feel me! I gots a math test Tuesday and a paper due tuesday and I got other assignments due and AHHHHHH! But I always manage to get them done.
I will end this session with a big quote from the chorous of Jay Z song High off the Life-"I solemly swear to change my approach stop shaving coke and stay away from hos put down the toast cuz I be doing the most. But every time I thought that was that they call me right back. And once again its the life. I dont know why I get so high on get so high on get so high on get so high High off the life."
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