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The Miami Heat won and they move on in the playoffs. This week is the last week school and that it is time for a relaxing summer vacation. It will be so good and I'm almost there. I got drunk Saturday on the Hypnotq and Hennessy and the next day I did not feel so good. I harldy ever get hungover but I did alot of stupid shit that night and it was hot and I learned that hangovers are from dehydration rather than drinking too much. Me, Peter, and Charles were soo stupid that night. We lifted up a car of someone we didnt like and moved it so that it looked like she parked bad. We walking all around the nieghbor hood being just being loud and stupid. I think we were caught on camera at the pool too but I doubt that we'll get in trouble because we have done that many times in the past and never gotten in trouble. I just want to say thank you to Janine for provding the drinks for the night. Janine is so friggen cool and I just love her so much. Anyways this week is all studying for me and I just took a quick break and I am going to go and do that right now.
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